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  • Awards & Recognition

  • Nominations are Now Open for the 2020 Annual Awards

    Each year, the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards Dinner attracts prominent business leaders to recognize and celebrate the people and companies that have made the Woodstock Area great and demonstrated unique vision, innovation and achievement in support of our region’s economy and small to mid-size business community.  

    Please take a minute to nominate a company or person you feel has gone above and beyond this year in any of the following categories.


  • 2020 Harold Buschkopf Award Nomination Application


    Annual Chamber of Commerce & Industry Awards 

    1. Harold Buschkopf Community Service Award
         Named after Harold Buschkopf in 1995, this award represents a community leader, spokesman and an ambassador
         who gave unselfishly of his or her time, energy and money.  A person who loved Woodstock.  This recipient should
         be a company or individual that is reflective of our community - unique, creative, smart, one-of-a-kind, fun, kind,
         giving, successful.  The kind of person who makes our community who we are.  A business or person that
         epitomizes the character and spirit of Woodstock.

    2.  Retailer of the Year Award

    • continued growth in employees or sales
    • commitment of company resources to community projects
    • creation of a positive work environment for all employees


    3.  Volunteer of the Year Award

    • Nominee must have gone beyond the normal call of duty in volunteering their time and talents to make Woodstock a better community in which to live, work or play.

    4. Professional Service Provider of the Year Award

    • Have between 1 – 1000 employees.
    • Be independently owned and operated.
    • Demonstrate excellence in their professional service industry.
    • Have created an innovative program or initiative for their industry or employees.


    5.  Entrepreneur of the Year

    • Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.
    • Have achieved success as the Founder, Owner, CEO or President of a company(ies) 
    • Demonstrate a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, perseverance, creativity, and determination to be successful.


    6.  Not-for-Profit Excellence Award

    • Have between 1 – 1000 employees.
    • Be a 501(c).
    • Demonstrate outstanding contributions to the community.
    • Show benefits of service and how they set organization apart.


    Nominations will be accepted January 1st through February 15th each year.  


  • Congratulations to the 2018 Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual Award Nominees


  • Woodstock-Chamber-of-Commerce-and-Industry2018-Award-Nominees.png
  • Woodstock-Chamber-of-Commerce-and-Industry2018-Award-Nominees-(1).png

    Congratulations to the 2017 Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award Recipients

    Harold Buschkopf

    Steve Gavers / Gavers Community Cancer Foundation


    Entrepreneur of the Year

    Tom Dougherty – Dougherty Enteprises


    Leadership Award

    John Stassen – Stassen Insurance


    Not for Profit Excellence Award

    Woodstock Fine Arts Association


    Professional Service Provider

    Woodstock Heating – Eric & Dawn Iversen


    Retailer of the Year

    Copy Express – Jim O’Leary

    Volunteer of the Year

    Cindi Carrigan - Carrigan Design
    Juanita Vega - Country Financial


    Teamwork Award
    The City of Woodstock – City Council, Promote Woodstock, Mayor Sager, City Managers Office & Economic Development

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