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    Mixin Mingle Discount
    Fellow Chamber Homies - Discount
    For a while now Mixin Mingle has always offered a discount to our fellow Chamber members, but we weren't sure that everyone knew about it so here it is.....As always fellow chamber members, you  will receive $5 off  the per hour price of a weekend booking.  The booking does not have to be 'work' related.  We all have lives and families and need a place to celebrate too.

    Need something weekday - give us a jingle at the mingle and we will hook you up then too.

    Contact Melissa at 815-308-5170 for details and bookings
    Contact Information
    phone: (815) 308-5170
    Offer Valid: October 17, 2018December 31, 2019
    Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
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