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  • Welcome to the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers advocacy, networking, educational and marketing programs, opportunities and services to local businesses and community organizations to foster a favorable business climate locally.  

    We partner with local businesses and organizations to sponsor and host local events to enhance tourism and quality of life for our residents.   We champion the area's economic and social needs to promote progress.  We are all about connecting people and supporting local.  Local businesses, community organizations, visitors and residents alike can count on the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce for information and resources about Woodstock and McHenry County.

  • Press Releases

  • Northwestern Medicine is a Community Sponsor of the Woodstock Chamber
  • Thank You Northwestern Medicine!

    Your Generous Sponsorship

    Funds Support Important Programs

    Benefiting Our Community!.


  • Legend of the Pickle Holiday Scavenger Hunt is brought to you by Kraft Heinz, Woodstock.
    Follow them on Instagram.

    Find the Ornamental Pickles hidden in Woodstock businesses, from November 1 and December 21, for a chance to win an IPAD & other prizes.

    Downloadable Game Card

    (also available at participating locations)

    Scavenger Hunt Clues (Word Scramble)

  • Ladies Nite Out Thursday Night Shopping will take place on the following dates;

    November 19
    4 PM to 7 PM

    December 3, 10, and 17
    4 PM to 7 PM

    Registration will be available starting November 1, 2020.

  • Thank you to all the local residents, businesses and blocks/neighborhoods who are participating in the 2020 Holiday Lights Contest to share joy and good cheer this holiday season!  Be sure to make a plan to visit all the festive locations.


    Rules and Eligibility

    The Official Woodstock Willie Fan Club

    Join at the Chamber Office