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  • Have you ever thought about what would happen here in Woodstock if our residents shopped local year round?  If we all made a conscious effort to spend money in Woodstock before anywhere else our businesses would flourish and they would give back to THIS community through sales tax, charities, job creation, etc!  New jobs would be created, roads would be better maintained, schools and local services would be improved.  Local charities would thrive and be able to better serve those in need right here in our community.  New businesses would come to town and we would have more places to eat and shop to choose from.  If we stop shopping online so much or travelling out of town to shop, we would use less gas and pollute the environment less.   Yes that's right  - if you want to reduce your environmental footprint you can start by shifting to a shop local philosophy instead of going online or one town over!    Challenge yourself this year and try to make a conscious effort to shop local!  

    Did you know many of our local businesses report that 60% of their sales come from outside of Woodstock??  Our goal is to shift that percentage and get our local community to support our local businesses!  Afterall, many of our local business owners have children that go to your child's school or attend your church or employ your neighbor!  Show them some love this year and say thanks for all they do for this community!


  • 1. You help create jobs in the community
    Money spent in the community will go back into it in the form of creating employment opportunities. According to the Small Business Administration, the 28 million small businesses in America account for 54 percent of all sales in the U.S. Plus small businesses have provided 55 percent of all jobs and 66 percent of all new jobs since the 1970s. When you make a purchase at a small business, you are doing your part to stimulate the local economy. 
    2. Your tax dollars stay local.
    Shopping at small businesses helps keep money within the neighborhood. According to 2017 article in Forbes magazine called "5 Benefits of Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday", $68 of every $100 purchase at local independent owned businesses go right back into the community.  When spending the same amount at a non-local business like a national chain, only $43 stays in the community and shopping online contributes $0 back into yoir community.  Your tax dollars stay locally, going toward public services, better schools, and libraries.  Want better roads, city services and schools?  Shop local!  
    3. Small businesses give back to their community.
    Small businesses go beyond writing a check to a local cause. They belong to local organizations.  They’re more likely to develop partnerships and strengthen ties with people in the community. Brick and mortar establishments can serve as community hubs, such as the coffee shop that holds open mic night or the pizza parlor that sponsors little league fundraisers.  Online businesses don't support your community!
    4. Shopping at one local business helps other local businesses.
    By shopping at a business in your neighborhood, you’ll most likely stop by other independent retailers in the vicinity. On top of that, some small businesses tend to offer products that are made locally, creating a ripple effect in the local economy. Don't drive a town or two over and then complain that there aren't enough stores here!  The more you shop here the more successful our businesses become.  Successful businesses attract other new businesses to plant roots here also!
    5. Small businesses offer more unique products.
    Sick of cookie cutter products everyone has? By shopping at an independent retailer you’ll be able to find locally made gifts that are perfect for your significant other or enjoy a one-of-a-kind specialty drink at the local watering hole.  
    6. It helps keep communities diverse.
    Sure, we all love and go to mainstream retailers once in a while, but can you imaging our town with no small businesses? Independent businesses thrive by adding to the vibrancy and uniqueness of a community. It would be tough for the charming trinkets shop or the mom and pop deli around the corner to stay afloat without your patronage.
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